GM To Invest Over 5.4 Billion In Kentucky Plant For Corvette

GM is announcing a 5.4 billion investment in its US plants. The spending will be on upgrades, and its going to cover 450,000 square-feet. This will make painting the ‘Vette more environmentally friendly and more efficient. They will use robots to paint, eliminate sludge water, use LED lights, and refine the baking process (to dry the paint). Full construction is expected to take around 2 years. This is the largest upgrade to the Kentucky plant in two years. To prepare for the Corvette, the Bowling Green plant received $131 million in 2011 for upgrades. They also plan to add more workers. Corvette production began around 1981 in Bowling Green. Over 1.6 million have been produced.

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Bright Future for Kentucky Toyota Plant

It’s a great time to be working at the Toyota factory in Georgetown, Kentucky (TMMK). This is the year that they have finally produced their 10 millionth car. Since 1988, they have been working tirelessly to provide quality cars with local origins. The first car, made in 1988, was a Toyota Camry, which currently sits on display. Now, it’s 10 millionth produced car (also a Camry) sits on display next to it. However, one lucky worker will be able to take this car home in a blind raffle held by the plant (out of 7,000 current employees). President Will James spoke at the ceremony:

“Obviously, these two vehicles are worlds apart in many ways, but, at the same time, identical in others – particularly when it comes to craftsmanship and the care and love that went into their production.”

That’s what Toyota values – craftsmanship, quality, and care. The plant also produces Avalon and Venza vehicles, and in 2015 they will even start producing a Lexus car model, the ES350. With this production line, 750 new employees with be hired. $5.9 million has been invested by Toyota into the Georgetown plant, the largest ever for the company. Employees are looking forward to the future, and cannot wait for its 20 millionth car to be produced.

If you’re a local resident and need a car–Toyota or otherwise–check out our section on Georgetown.

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